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Anti Cena [entries|friends|calendar]
The community where all John Cena Haters unite!

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[10/10/2006 @ 6:15pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Okay, don't know everyone's stand on TNA here, but I'm a fan and just saw this.. and can I just say ugh?

"John Cena was on ESPN2's talk show Cold Pizza earlier this morning. Cena and the host started to discuss MLB player AJ Pierzynski and clips were shown of him wrestling in TNA. All of a sudden, Pierzynski came out and started talking trash with Cena. Pierzynski also happened to have the TNA X Division Championship belt with him - which was given to him by AJ Styles. Cena and Pierzynski held the titles side by side. Cena then said that he thought he had seen the X Division Championship belt in a gumball machine outside."

Sounds kind of worked but still.

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Newbie :) [10/08/2006 @ 10:01pm]

Hey! Just wanted to say I'm new and stop by with this. Was gonna make more but uh, got tired of looking at him so, just one..

Also, this has got to be the only entertaining section of Cena's overly huge photo gallery on WWE.com: 'Intensity' Photos. Lmfao.
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[10/07/2006 @ 5:17am]

1-56 Supernatural [2x01 MASSIVE SPOILERS Don't click if you don't want to be spoiled.]
57-85 CSI NY [2x23 Heroes]
86-122 F1 [Jenson Button]
123-150 WWE [Edge, Trish & anti-Cena]
151-173 POTC [Dead Mans Chest Trailer 2]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

More here @ fozzpelicons

[10/01/2006 @ 4:47pm]

I haven't been updating like I should be. I have to make a new layout and all of that fun stuff. In the meantime, there is a tournament going on over at wwe for the most hated wrestler of all time. And guess who is in round one against Honkey Tonk Man? That's right. Cena. So go over and vote!

[08/29/2006 @ 11:38pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

(Cena going to Smackdown?)

..So if John Cena atleast went to Smackdown, he would leave Edge and his Rated R belt alone. But would he go over and try to get these title shots that he doesn't deserve automatically? Probably.

I'd rather see the headline: "JOHN CENA HAS BEEN RELEASED"

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What a Hometown Hero! [08/25/2006 @ 1:37am]
I live in a Boston suburb, and I was greatly excited to see Summerslam live at the Garden last week. It was an awesome time, and quite a fun show.

That brings me to something that surprised me, even though it shouldn't have. As many of you may or may not know, John Cena is a resident of Massachusetts, West Newbury to be precise. I thought I'd be one of the few people there that absolutly despised him, and expected him to get an ovation akin to what he was receiving before he won the title. Adding to this, the last time WWE was in Boston was a Raw late last year, where I recall him getting a good pop. (TANGENT: The main event of that show was John Cena taking on Daivari in a "You Can't See Me" blindfold match. The match had an appropriate name, as I turned my TV off before it started.) I didn't even wear my Rated R Superstar shirt, as I was worried that I'd be like someone wearing a Yankee jersey to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.

Imagine my joy of hearing a small but noticable "Cena sucks" chant before the show started, and noticable boos for him when they did the video recap package at the start of the show. This of course was just a warm-up for the main, when the "Let's Go Cena" chants were immediatly followed by loud "Cena sucks!" and "Let's go Edge!" ones.

My point is, Cena has gotten to the point where even his home state has turned against him! Well done, (former) champ!

For anyone that saw the show on TV/webcast, was the negative ovation noticable? I haven't seen the video of it yet, and I'm not sure how it came off on TV.

[08/19/2006 @ 3:55am]

I rather like this version of the Summerslam poster..Collapse )
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This is what should happen if Cena were to become champion again. [08/12/2006 @ 10:11pm]

Ok honestly the "spinner" belt is just a disgrace...

...and it should be put in the garbage where it belongs...

...along with its rightful owner...

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[08/12/2006 @ 4:00pm]

[ mood | exanimate ]

Best Chant EVERCollapse )

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[08/07/2006 @ 7:28pm]

[ mood | devious ]

What a joke.

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[08/04/2006 @ 10:09am]

[ mood | exhausted ]


Please tell me he is not taking his acting career seriously? I won't lie, this was more interesting than I cared for. But really? I could care less. He's still a joke.


Warning! Marine Trailer Unleashed! [07/30/2006 @ 6:31pm]
Hello, I've just joined this community, and I'm really glad to have found it. I've been a wrestling fan for some time now and it really pains me to see what's become of the main event on Raw. I can't think of any pro wrestling champions I've hated more than Cena (and, yes, that includes David Arquette). As a brief history, I started disliking him during his push for the US Championship in 2004, although at least they were trying someone new, and his raps were funny. After taking a small hiatus from watching wrestling, I returned during his first title reign, and realized how bad he had become. While he does have a good match every now and then (usually in the triple threat matches, as he's gets taken out early so that the other two wrestlers can have a good match in spite of him), his annoying character and the fact that WWE insists on trying to make him the new Hulk Hogan/Steve Austin, usually at the expense of some of my favorite wrestlers, positively rankles me.

Anyway, now that I've tooted my own horn, I have an urgent warning for the cinemagoers here! Apparently the trailer for The Marine has been released! I don't believe it's been posted online yet, as my frantic and thorough research has turned up nothing*, but I've read that it played at showings of Monster House last week (although it most likely varies by theatre). So when you go to the movies this summer, be careful of the horrors that lurk within. Not the computer spirits in Pulse, or the mysterious cave dwellers in The Descent, or even the Snakes on a Plane. Watch out for "tha (former) champ" projected high on the big screen!

The film is set to be released on (appropriately) Friday, October the 13th.

I look forward to contributing a lot to this great community! :)

*I visited Moviefone and IMDB, then quit. I'm dedicated to my work!

[07/27/2006 @ 3:50am]

Two Anti-Cena icons as part a multi-fandom post here @ fozzpelicons

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Please credit either fozzpelicons or megalolz =]

LOL. [07/26/2006 @ 12:43am]


This is hilareous.

RAW REVIEW. [07/18/2006 @ 5:51pm]

[ mood | busy ]

I will start this thing called RAW Review. It will be based on anything Cena does, but I form it into a comic, sort of. This week we saw John Cena get destroyed by Umaga, losing the match (thankfully), and Edge screwing him over.

The RAW COMIC will be be a comic, pictures, obviously from what happened on RAW/PPV/Etc.

Soooo, here is the RAW COMICCollapse )

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Credit to manzano [07/11/2006 @ 1:30am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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[07/09/2006 @ 9:02pm]


[07/06/2006 @ 4:00am]

If anyone has creative ideas towards layouts/icons/graphics/daily flashbacks/etc that they would like to see here, just comment here. You can be as open minded as you like :)


[07/04/2006 @ 1:50am]

Cena on RAWCollapse )
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[07/03/2006 @ 1:59am]

The return of my lovebars is finally here. If you don't remember how I make them, here are links to requested ones:



If your on my friend list, you can comment to those entries replying to those posts, along with requests for icons, graphics, or lovebars with forms or whatnot.

Here is the form to fill out for lovebars. The two styles for lovebars are:


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

You can have style #2 with the coloring of #1, so a 5 photo lovebar with coloring. Make sure the photos aren't crappy quality, crappy pics means crappy lovebars. Other than that, here ya go:

Style #1 or #2:
Who do you want the lovebar to be of:
Links to 4-5 photos:
What you want the font to say:
What color do you want the font:
Do you want those heart brushes:
If not, what brush do you want:
Anything else:

I'll take up to 20 requests for now :)

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